today I want to show you how I can easily test the contact form on my website and its correct operation using an automated test case. I use different frameworks for this purpose.

For the example test scenario, I will use selenium, serenity, java, cucumber and selenium grid.

Each step has its own code. Before I run the test for the first time, I will show you the code for each step.

I will use the java generated email address for the form, which I will then check in the mailbox.

After each test I will show you saved screenshots from each step.

The checked values ​​in the email should be the same as those used in the form.

Before starting the test for the second time in the „I can see the details of the email“ step, I will make a small change that will prove that the automated test actually works and accurately checks the given values. Instead of „Tomasz Drozd“ we will change the value to „Mustermann“. The test should show us an error in code line 93.

We will see this error on saved screenshots.

Thank you for watching my short presentation in which I could show you my hobby, which I deal with in my everyday work.

Best wishes and have a nice day

My presentation

Tomasz Drozd